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Carbon Fiber Props

Welcome to Eliminator Props

So how did I get started into making props? 

When I started racing I had a hard time getting props for our racers.  So I read a few articles and asked some question and started to make some props for myself.  Then a couple of modelers asked if I had some extra to sell and that is where it started.  At first I was making props for the racers then the speed fliers were looking for props.  Now I have props for CL Racing, Speed, Carrier, Combat, Stunt, and RC Pylon.


Props are made with Carbon Fiber Tow and Epon Epoxy.  I also can make your prop out of Fiber Glass and add some color.        
I also make Cabon Fiber Landing Gear and Bellcranks along with Fiber Glass Speed Tops.   
I can also make a custome mold for you so you can have an exclusive prop of your own.